keep calm and step back.

What is your automatic reaction when you face a problem? Thinking? Thinking over? Thinking over and over again, hoping that will help you figure it out soon? No doubt. You are what’s called ‘normal’. So was I.

After an hour, a day, a night, a week or more of thinking, it turns to be abnormal that the problem is still exist, without any resolution and rather become such a large and knotty one. This seems to be ironic and nonsense. Why thinking so hard can’t help make things better? It must be something problematic, either the problem itself or me! Oh.. Here comes another problem ! A problem within the problem. Great!

Almost every time the problem comes up, I was thinking, concentrating, trying hard to fix it. Some could be solved within short times, some within many days. But some was left there, with pending label. Pretending to forget it as if ‘forgetting’ means ‘resolved’. But no, not at all. Whenever the matter is triggered, your disturbing thoughts and feelings will definitely remind you of the truth that the problem is still alive.

What I learnt from trying to figure things out is that to step back and see the whole picture. I know you know this. Everyone knows. Me, at that time, too. But we just can’t do it, or we just ignore it. But it’s actually the first step to get yourself back from the maze of thought. Thinking that you are an astronaut and the earth is the problem. Get out from the earth and see it as the astronaut’s angle. The more you step back, the fewer the problem is. The more you drawback, the more you clearly see other stars, other galaxy and the universe, seeing other conditions and factors with another aspect.

. . .

From that sight, not even see the country, the city or the house you live in, nor your friends or even your family. How small we are… How tiny the problem is… That’s the moment I found myself a speck of dust in this universe, the moment I see that the problem is not such a big deal. And actually nothing’s big deal at all. We just make it that big…

And this is a normal, a truly common perception that we should realise.

As simple as it is. So simple, we are.

working, living.

And what I realize after over a year of discovering is that working is for living, literally. Whatever reasons you try to find out for the job you want, money is definitely one of them. Wait, I’m not telling you to work for money. But it’s so true that we work for money. It’s different.

The first thing I learn from my first job is that you will never know what you like and what job suit you until you go for it. This is cliché…I know. But it’s TRUE. By the way, I never regret that time. There is a saying that even the darkest day, you’ll see the light. I met another world there, the adult world. I can define the word ‘business’ myself, even if I couldn’t completely accept what I found at first. I can say I grow up (a little).

The second job let me know that dream job is not a dream anymore if only you catch it. The variety of task under the pressure of 4-5 hours makes my heart beat out of rhythm. Among the hectic environment, I felt very concentrated. People come and go. We talked to each other not over five minutes (for normal situation) but I didn’t even know I was smiling all the time until I’d realized this. Everything went hastily and every staff were busy including me but I felt so happy. This is so funny with the -ly sentence. Unfortunately (keep playing with -ly again), for me, there is no perfection. Life comes with conditions. I would say what I like doesn’t fit me. It’s like you love a book because of its story and its author but you don’t like its cover design or font or the type of paper that cuts your finger. Then you enjoy with it once and won’t touch it again. So I feel I’m a lucky one who found the right job and did it, but just not live with it.

The most important thing in my life isn’t doing the job I really really like. Maybe it’s the goal for someone and this is not wrong. The more important thing is that on the way we are finding the destination, just concentrate with the steps. Every paces strenghten the muscles. Even if (you think) you are on the wrong direction, working with your full potential, to be worth the job and the opportunity that you’ve got. Duty is on the other side of feelings.

If you are on the way or the one who think the destination doesn’t matter anymore, just work for money with the word ‘duty’ in your mind. It’s true you can’t be so happy with your job. But it is so true that you can be proud with your work. You will know you can do the thing you don’t like with great effort.

Someday we will know that it doesn’t matter whether we like it or hate it. Sometime we just do it and we can do it.


Me, in the next ten years

I wonder what am I going to be in the next ten years.

Obviously, I can’t tell and no one can.

But one thing I know is what I want to be.

31, is such a far-away life for me.

I may pass many tough ways, fall in a street or see beautiful sunshine some morning.


31, I will definitely find my place that fit me.

I will get up from the darkness.

I will lay down someday in the green grass looking to the beautiful sky smiling at me, with some favourite books on my hand.

Will sky be adorable like this?

Will birds be singing?

I hope..

it’s about time


เคยคิดว่าอยากย้อนเวลากลับไปในอดีต และเชื่อว่าใครอีกหลายคนคงเคยมีความคิดนี้

หากย้อนเวลาได้จริง จะย้อนกลับไปทำอะไร?

สำหรับฉัน แน่นอนว่าความคิดแรกคือการแก้ไขสิ่งที่เคยทำผิดพลาดไป ทั้งเรื่องเล็กและเรื่องใหญ่



คำว่า ‘ครุ่นคิด ไตร่ตรอง’ จะเลือนหาย

หากแต่ คำว่า ‘ผิดพลาด’ นั้นคงอยู่ และอาจจะเพิ่มมากขึ้นด้วยซ้ำ



. .


About Time (2013)


ทั้งพ่อ น้องสาว แมรี่และลูก




สำหรับทิม ความพิเศษของเขาทำให้เขาได้เรียนรู้ถึงความสำคัญของปัจจุบัน



พ่อของเขาสอนว่า ในครั้งแรกที่ใช้ชีวิตตามปกติ

ปกติในความหมายนี้คือ มองเรื่องไม่ดีที่เกิดขึ้นในแง่ลบ

เบื่อกับการจราจร หงุดหงิดที่โดนกาแฟหกใส่ตัว เซงที่โดนเจ้านายบ่น …


เขามองโลกเปลี่ยนไป เขาร้องเพลงขณะรถติด



สุดท้ายแล้ว เขาก็ค้นพบความสุข ณ ปัจจุบัน


. . .









“Live life as if there were no second chances.”